Flame Proof Monoblock

  • ( Flame proof Centrifugal monoblock )
  • ( Flame proof High Discharge selfpriming monoblock )
  • ( Flame proof Regular selfpriming monoblock )

These pumps are used in hazardous environments for transfer of Water, Kerosene, Petrol, Diesel, & Oil up to viscosity of 1 cp. They come in following designs:-.

  • Centrifugal up to 1hp (2 pole)
  • Self priming up to 5 hp (4 pole)

They are best suited for high suction lift up to 8 meters and can also perform suction from long horizontal distances due to their centripetal impellar design. High Discharge pumps are Self priming acting on regenerative principle. The periphery of the impeller has many blades for adding energy to the fluid being pumped. As the fluid flows inlet to outlet the fluid pressure increases progressively ensuring a non-pulsating high discharge & high pressure fluid flow. These pumps are designed for continuous operation handling only clear liquid, free from any suspended particles.

  • Stainless Steel Shaft (AISI 410).
  • Mechanical Seal.
  • No coupling required.
  • Continuous heavy duty externally ventilated induction motor.
  • Shielded ball bearings are lubricated for life.
  • LTB 2 grade impellers.
  • Close grained cast iron housings.
  • Dynamically balanced rotor & impellers.
  • Quiet & maintenance free running.
  • Robust construction.
  • 'F' Class insulation.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Single & Three Phase.
  • Capacity - 1 HP & 2 HP.
  • Max. Head - 60 m.
  • Max. Discharge - 420 Lpm
  • Max. Suction depth – 8 m
  • Single and double stage.
  • Available in 25 and 38 mm.