"PEW"started during 1974 in a small workshop of Electric Motors and Pump sets. PEW has been a reputed manufacturer of a wide range of Quality Motors up to 280 frame. All motors are manufactured in Quality Assurance System Compliant with ISO 9001-2008. The motors comply with the regulation and standards consistent with IS & IEC standards. PEW offers wide range Squirrel Cage Induction Motors ranging from 0.125 kW to 125 kW in Three Phase and 0.125 Hp to 2 Hp in Single Phase. The range includes various types of motors such as Standard Induction Motors, Dual Speed Motors, Geared Motors, Brake Motors, Crane Duty Motors and a list of motors to name a few.

  • Standard Motors are designed for Foot mounting. Other mountings are also available on request.
  • Motors are provided in 2/4/6/8 poles. Other rpm's like 10,12,16,18,24,32 poles can be available on request.
  • Standard Level of protection of enclosures for motor and terminal box is IP55.
  • All Hazardous area motors have Terminal Box on the Top as standard.
  • Sealed bearings are provided for motors up to 225 frames, Grease lubricated bearings are used on frames 250 to 280.
  • Shaft is of high grade steel and of appropriate diameters to withstand the bending and tension stresses.
  • Motors are provided with Single / Double Shaft extension, Special shaft extensions like: a. Change in diameter and length. b. Taper shaft, with threaded end c. Any other Special shaft extension are available on request.
  • Standard Paint shade is Anti Corrosive Epoxy Turquoise Blue shade. Other shades are also available on request
  • The flame proof motors manufactured by PEW are suitable for Temperature Class T4 as per IS 6381. Temperature class T6 can be made available on request.
  • Terminal box comes with spigotted for accommodating bigger cables, box are made up of completely non-hygroscopic ,thermo setting moulded, glass-filled compound enveloped on brass studs.
  • PEW Flameproof Motors suitable for zone 1 and zone 2 areas for gas group I,IIA,IIB.
  • PEW Flameproof Motors offer a complete range of Motors for Gas Group IIC. These motors are manufactured under most stringent quality control norms for IIC atmosphere.
  • PEW Flameproof Motors are approved by CMRI, PESO, BIS and DGMS enabling their use for all applications in hazardous areas in the country.
Manufacturing Range Summery
Range 0.25 Hp to 125 Hp ( 3 Phase ),
0.125 Hp to 2 Hp (1 phase)
RPM 3000,1500,1000,750 ( Synchronous )
Mounting Foot B3,B6,B7,B8,V5,V6
Flange B5,V1,V3
Face B14 ,V18,V19 and
Frame 63 to 280
Voltage 100 V TO 650 V ( 415V )
Frequency 15 Hz to 60Hz (50 Hz)
Insulation Class B/ Class F/ Class H
Degree of Protection Up to IP56
Ambient temperature -20°C to + 60°C
Duty S1 to S9
Type of Enclosures Type of Enclosures Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
Totally Enclosed Self Cooled (TESC)

Underground Coal Mines, Hazardous Area of Oil Mines & Rigs , Petroleum Refineries, Petrochemical Industries , Fertilizer Plants, LPG/CNG Industries, Chemical Industries, Drugs and Pharmaceutical Plants, Petrol Pumps, LPG Bottling Plants, Paints & Varnish Industry, etc.

These pumps are used in hazardous environments for transfer of Water, Kerosene, Petrol, Diesel, & Oil up to viscosity of 1 cp. They come in following designs:-.

  • Centrifugal up to 1hp (2 pole)
  • Self priming up to 5 hp (4 pole)

They are best suited for high suction lift up to 8 meters and can also perform suction from long horizontal distances due to their centripetal impeller design. High Discharge pumps are Self priming acting on regenerative principle. The periphery of the impeller has many blades for adding energy to the fluid being pumped. As the fluid flows inlet to outlet the fluid pressure increases progressively ensuring a non-pulsating high discharge & high pressure fluid flow. These pumps are designed for continuous operation handling only clear liquid, free from any suspended particles.

PEW is the only manufacturers out of all the Flameproof Motor Manufacturers in India which manufactures this product in Single and Three Phase power supply for Fans, Blowers, Air curtains and pumps.