Vertical Turbine Pump

Vertical turbine pump does not require a water source that provides a positive suction pressure. As such, this type of pump is able to operate without priming. The typical supplies for these pumps are underground tanks or wells. When operating, these pumps force water up through the column pipe to the pump discharge. The line shaft turbine pumps have above-ground discharge.

The primary components comprising a VT pump along with their MOC and salient features are detailed below:-

1. Intermediate Bowl - Cast Iron
Smooth finish and superior grade of FG 220

Enhances efficiency

Rib Reinforced Flange

Adds strength and rigidity to bowl to withstand installation and transportation stresses.

2. Upthrust Cushion - SS

Compensates for possible momentary upthrust occurring at start up.

3. Impeller - Bronze
Enclosed Design

Produces optimum pressure versus capacity and allows for optional wear ring installation.


Reduces vibration and wear

Impeller Vane Design

Designed for the most efficient operation

4. Bowl Shaft - 410 Stainless Steel

Turned, ground and polished. They are designed to transmit required torque and handle the imposed, hydraulic thrust loads with minimum deflection in any flow condition

5. Discharge Column Adapter Ring - Cast Iron
Interchangeable Sizes Available

Easily changed for various pipe sizes

6. Motor Adapter - Ductile Iron
Open, Ribbed Design

Directs fluid flow to the bowl assembly with minimum turbulence while providing maximum motor support.

Stainless Steel Inlet Screen

Non-corrosive, restricts entry of foreign objects with size more than 6mm.

7. Cable Guard - Stainless Steel

Prevents damage to the motor leads during installation

8. Motor Coupling - Stainless Steel

Transmits torque and maintains shaft alignment

9. Line shaft bearings – Rubber
Maximize service life

They are water lubricated and spaced no more than 10 ft apart to ensure adequate centering of the line shaft within the column.

10. Bowl wear rings – Bronze
Ensure proper alignment

They are permanently fixed in the bowl to eliminate any possibility of rotational and axial movement.

  • Minimum use of floor space.
  • The NPSH available can be the lowest level to satisfy the NPSH requirements of the pump.
  • No priming required, the pump bowl assembly is submerged in the fluid being pumped.
  • This type of pump is highly versatile and adaptable in terms of both location and pump length.

The vertical turbine pump is ideal for

  • Fire fighting
  • Agricultural pumping
  • Municipal and plant water supply
  • Drainage
  • Flood control
  • Pipeline pumping
  • Power plant service