Submersible Borewell

"PEW" submersible pumps are vertical, multi stage, centrifugal pumps with motor at the bottom & pump at the top. The water enters at the bottom of the pump and flows upwards through many stages.
The stainless steel/bronze impellers rotate inside the diffusers with inherent guide vanes. The diffusers direct water leaving each impeller towards the suction opening of the next impeller. Such a flow through each stage of impeller and diffuser combination adds pressure at each stage and finally water under high pressure is discharged through outlet at the top.

  • Upper Housing, Lower Housing, Adaptor, Motor Base, suction and NRV are made of C.I. FG-220 Grade.
  • 100% pure EC Grade copper used for winding wire which is dual coated with insulation Class B.
  • High thickness LTB-4 Bushes and Extremely hardwearing Water lubricated thrust carbon bearing with heavy Tilting Pad of Stainless Steel AISI-420 S.S. grade ensures zero working maintenance.
  • 'SAND PROOF' design of mechanical seal rings and Sand Guard protection.
  • FG 250 Grade Investment casting non-magnetic pump bowls.
  • AISI 410 S.S. Grade pump impellers are a standard feature for all mixed flow and radial flowpumpsets.
  • AISI 410 S.S. Sleeves are reinforced with chromium for proven wear resistant performance.
  • Special LTB -4 and Nitrile Rubber Bush for proven anti-wear resistance.
  • Pure AISI 410 S.S Grade Pump Shaft.
  • Max. permissible sand in water: 50 g/m³.
  • Dynamically balanced rotating parts.
  • Silver brazed rotor in all varieties.
Power Range V4: 0.37kW - 3.7 kW (0.5HP - 5HP)
V6: 2.2kW - 18 kW (3HP - 25HP)
V8: 5.5kW - 45kW (7.5 HP - 60 HP)
V10: 7.5kW - 93kW (10 HP - 150 HP)
Speed 2880 RPM
Versions Single phase: 180-240V
Single phase: 180-240V
50 Hz
A.C. Supply
Maximum total head V4: 240 m (24 bar)
V6: 276 m
V8: 260 m
V10: 300 m
Maximum flow rate V4: 400 LPM (24 M3 / Hr)
V6: 25 lps (90 m3 /Hr)
V8: 42 lps
V10: 70 lps
Maximum outer diameter in mm V4: 96
V6: 146
V8: 192
V10: 247
Nominal outlet size in mm V4: 32, 38 & 50
V6: 50, 65 & 80
V8: 80, 100 & 125
V10: 125 & 150
Degree of protection IP 58
Direction of rotation Clockwise from driving end
Trust Load V4: 1500 lbs
V6: 1500 lbs. 2.2kW to 4.5kW
3500 lbs. 5.5 kW to 15kW
6000 lbs.18kW
V8: 3500 lbs. 5.5kW - 11kW
6000 lbs. 15kW - 18kW
6000 lbs. 15kW - 18kW
10000 lbs. 22kW - 45kW
V10: 10000 lbs / 45500 N
Type of Duty S1 (Continuous)
Method of starting V4: Direct on Line in Three phase
Capacitor Start Capacitor Run
V6: DOL upto 5.5 kW
SD upto 18 kW
V8: DOL upto 5.5kW
S/D 7.5kW - 45kW
V10: S/D 7.5kW - 93kW
Maximum starts per hour V4, V6: 12 times
V8, V10: 4 times
Part Name Material
Check Valve housing CI FG 200
Stage Sleeve SS 410
Discharge Outlet Casing CI FG 200
Diffuser Chamber SS 304 (Shell)
Impeller Modified PPO (Noryl) & Iron/ LTB 2/ SS 410
Diffuser Modified PPO (Noryl) & Cast Iron/ CI FG 200
Suction Inter Connector CI FG 200
Inlet Screen SS 202
Pump Shaft SS 410
Cable Guard SS 202
Coupling SS 410
T- Rod Forged Steel
Part Name Material
Upper and Lower Housing Cast Iron/ FG 200
Stator Shell Stainless Steel 304
Shaft EN 9
Journal Bearings Leaded Bronze LTB 2
Thrust Assembly Stainless Steel 420 and Graphite Carbon
Sand Guard SS 410
Adaptor Housing CI FG 200
  • Water Supply to
  • Rural habitations
  • Farms
  • Irrigation
  • Residential Societies
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Buildings and construction
  • Fire fighting.
  • Hydro-pneumatic system
  • Solar photo-voltaic water pumping system