Submersible Openwell

"PEW"submersible open well pumps come in complete cast iron construction as well as in S.S body. as the name suggests they are used for underwater applications require neither priming nor a foot valve.They are very easy to install and require no maintenance.

  • S.S and carbon thrust bearings
  • Bronze impeller in specific models
  • Specially designed journal bushes for better cooling effect
  • Designed for extensive voltage fluctuations i.e. 250- 415V. 50Hz, AC supply.
  • High operating efficiency
  • No need for elaborate foundation and pump house arrangement.
Power Range Close-grained cast iron
Speed 2880 RPM
Versions Single phase: 180-240V
Single phase: 180-240V
Maximum total head Upto 70 m
Maximum flow rate Upto 25 lps
Degree of protection IP 58
Direction of rotation Clockwise viewed from Driving end
Type of Duty S1 (Continuous)
Method of starting Single Phase: Permanent Split Capacitor (CSR),
Three Phase: Direct on Line upto 5.5 kW, SD
upto 11kW
Maximum starts per hour 6 times
Part Name Material
Rear cover / Bracket Cast iron
Stator Shell Cast iron
Impeller Cast iron FG 200
Pump casing Cast iron (FG 200)
Shaft seal Nitrile butyl rubber
Thrust assembly Leaded Bronze and Compostos / Stainless
Steel 420 with Graphite Carbon
Diaphragm High Nitrile butyl rubber
Journal bearings LTB 4
  • Rural & Urban drinking water supply.
  • High rise buildings.
  • Industrial & Domestic water supply.
  • Mining application
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Farm houses, Fountains, Air Conditioning, etc.
  • Irrigation (Flood, Sprinkler, Drip)
  • Cooling water circulation systems.